Lydia Price

How To Make A Humidor

The real man has to have serious hobbies. The fan of good tobacco needs a worthy receptacle for his collection.


  • Glue;
  • Acrylic paint;
  • Bamboo piece;
  • Thin rope;
  • Rope from vegetable fibers;
  • Gold spray paint.


  • Hammer;
  • Emery paper;
  • Drill;
  • Knife;
  • Glue gun;
  • Thin drill for a tree.

1. (Except bottoms of boxes) before assembly process each detail of a humidor a small emery paper. Cover the ground details with soil – mix with water PVA glue in the ratio about 1:1 and apply on surfaces. After soil drying unevenly cover details with olive paint from all directions. Dilute paint a little with water that it became less covering. When paint dries, once again walk on the painted surfaces with an emery paper, revealing the invoice of a tree.

2. Fit a bottom of each box fabric. For this purpose at first apply the PVA undiluted glue on a surface, pull fabric. Straighten folds. Apply with a brush over fabric the glue mixed with water (see item 1) that fabric has completely become impregnated. Leave to dry. When fabric dries, cut off surplus scissors. Cover a reverse side of the bottoms with olive paint.

3. Faces of boxes and drill openings that it is possible to fix handles.

4. For handles saw a bamboo on identical pieces, drill openings on the ends and insert two pieces of a rope. Record the provision of a bamboo in knots. Pass the ends of pieces through box face openings, record position of the handle in knots. From a reverse side in addition fix knots by a small amount of glue from the glue gun.

5. A coarse-grained emery paper it is necessary to "chisel" grooves of sidewalls in order that the box bottom with the pasted fabric easily has risen into place. Put a piece of an emery paper in half (or four times) and expand grooves. Collect details of the case of a humidor and boxes by means of small nails and the hammer.

6. Cut out from dense paper by means of a knife templates – names of various grades of tobacco. Put inscriptions with red-brown paint. Duplicate inscriptions, having applied gold spray paint through a template.

7. Make on the fabric fitting a box bottom, the image of a tobacco leaf. Cut out a template and apply the image paint of gold color.

8. On perimeter of lateral faces of a humidor by means of thin nails fix a decorative rope from vegetable fibers.

9. Your humidor is ready.


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