Lily Robinson

How To Make Floating Shelves

Surely you have accumulated quite a few beautiful things that shouldn’t be kept somewhere in a closet but can nowhere be put on display. What to do in such a situation? Most likely you will be helped out of such difficulty by a simple floating shelf made with your own hands.

We Prepare The Materials

With conventional or a disc saw we cut MDF on needed length and width of the sheets. Of course, they can be individual, but the size of these shelves - 120 х 20 х 13 cm (length х width х depth).

Assembly Of A Floating Shelf

When the MDF is cut and prepared we begin to assemble the items together. To get started we use glue on the ends. Then we drill holes for the screws and they are reinforcing the structures.


Since we would like the look of these shelves to be perfect, it is necessary to pay attention to this stage. Please fill in all the seams and irregularities. We used putty for wood, according to the instruction wait until it is dry and grind the surface of the shelf by a grinder.


Sprayer, roller or brush, in general, it does not matter - most importantly is the ability to use. Apply several layers of satin black paint until you are satisfied with the coverage. For me it is always somehow the most difficult stage during which most screw-ups are found.

Installing Of Spikes

The ordinary chipboards will serve as spikes on which the shelves are fastened. For marking we have used the special construction tape, sticking it in the places where holes will be drilled, leaving the marks. Depending on the type of wall, we select the required number of anchors and dowels, which will fasten the board to the wall. We drill the holes and fasten the board, the edges of the board should be painted in black. If there is somewhere a gap in the shelf, from the sideview that will not be seen.

Hang Up The Shelves

We drill a few holes in the top of the shelves for the shelf to fix securely to the wall by screwing it to the spikes. Some make the hole from the bottom, but do not account for the fact that they are dealing with two forces - gravity and shift. Screws on top of the shelf by far better protect against the shift than the screws located at the bottom. I used the tape not to damage paint when drilling.

So now it is necessary simply to hang up a shelf, load it with things most beautiful and dear to the heart and admire the work done.


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