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How To Make A Clothesline

To make such a device with your own hands is not difficult, you just need a little time, patience and imagination. And it is not necessary to have experience in this matter. The most important is the desire. So let’s get started. In order to make the clothesline with your own hands, you will need.

  • twine;
  • strong scissors;
  • drill 16 mm;
  • perforator;
  • semi-finished blanks of wood (1 pc., diameter - 4 cm.);
  • clothesline - 5 meters;
  • some clips.

Having got the necessary materials and tools, you can begin to work.

Step-By-Step Instruction

Step 1. Securely fastening the blank of wood, mark by a pencil the places for prospective holes. The distance between the holes should be within 10 centimeters.

Step 2. Drill the holes using a drill. Then take the second blank and repeat the procedure again.

Step 3. Having drilled all the necessary places, take a clothesline and pass it through the extreme hole. Then secure it with a strong knot.

Step 4. From the second side of the blank you need to make the same knot. This will help reduce the load on the rope.

Step 5. Likewise, thread the rope through the holes, and do not forget about the knots.

Step 6. Now take the twine, it is necessary to mount your clothesline to the walls of the balcony, or a tree. Connect the two ends of the blank, and then link them together to form a triangle of twine. The sides of the triangle must be the same.

Step 7. In fact, the work is done. You need only to attach a homemade clothesline at a suitable place. You can admire your work.


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