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How To Make A Punching Bag

The quality of the punching bags at the market often leaves much to be desired. The good ones are too expensive and there’s no need in buying them for those who had just started boxing. Especially, considering the fact that you can easily make one with your own hands.

Materials And Tools

You will need the following stuff:

  • Thick leather is the best choice. They also use tarpaulin sometimes. If it isn’t sturdy enough you can fold it two or three times. Faux leather will do too, though it may burst from a very strong hit, just like a cheap punching bag;
  • Nylon or any other sturdy thread;
  • Steel wire;
  • A chain;
  • Some sawdust and sand;
  • An ordinary sack.

A homemade punching bag is easy to make. You will need some common tools.

  • A reflexive needle or a simple big needle;
  • Pliers;
  • Scissors.

Punching Bag With Your Own Hand: Manufacturing Technology

Make a pattern on the material according to the picture. D — diameter, h — height. Pick the desired dimensions. Leave 1-3 cm. at the edges for stitches. Leave 5-10 cm. at the top, so that you’ll be able to make a steel circle. Make four holes that will help to fix the chain. The punching bag is made according to this pattern:

Stitch the bag from a side and sew the bottom to it. Make all the sewing from the inside out. After sewing the bottom evert the punching bag back.

Cut the chain into two pieces 40-60 cm. each or four pieces 20 cm. each. Make a circle of the steel wire of the same diameter as the punching bag and fix the chains to it in regular intervals.

Insert the circle with the chains inside the punching bag. Wrap the top of the bag around it and pass the chains through the four holes. Stitch the top of the punching bag to keep the steel circle in.

Put the ordinary bag inside the future punching bag. It is necessary to prevent the sand from spilling out from the stitches when boxing. You can do without it if the punching bag is multilayered.

Fill the punching bag with the sawdust and sand. Make the proportion depending on the desired hardness and weight. Sand will make it harder and heavier. The filling will settle after some time and you’ll have to add some more. You can fill it with only sand, but it will settle and the top will become soft and the bottom too hard. Another good choice is rubber or plastic grains.

Hang up the punching bag on the chains. If the material hurts your arms (legs) you can wrap it with reinforced adhesive tape. It may be of different color. You can also repair the breaches and hole in the punching bag with it.


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