Mary Bryant

How To Make Fake Tattoos

Have you ever wanted a tattoo? If you are too young for a tattoo, don’t have enough money or don’t want to make a real life-long tattoo, this is tutorial for you. Use gel deodorant and tracing paper to make a fake tattoo.

1. Transfer your drawing on tracing paper. If you copy an image, place the tracing paper on the picture, and gently outline its contour. You can also draw a tattoo right on the tracing paper (even if you haven’t ever used tracing paper). You can use different shades of markers, if you like, but make sure that it is a marker, and not another type of pen or ink.

2. Coat your skin with gel deodorant. Apply a coat of gel deodorant on the area where you want to place a tattoo. Make sure you have applied enough so that it doesn't dry immediately, but do not apply too much not to soak the paper.

3. Place the drawing on the selected place. Place the tattoo graphite-side down on the place where you have applied gel. Press it and hold for a few minutes so that the image could transfer from the paper to your skin. When you have finished, remove the paper and look at the results. If you want to fix any errors of your drawing, just repeat the steps below.

4. Powder your tattoo with children’s talc. Powder the tattoo with talc to absorb the rest of moisture and set ink in your skin. If you use talc, your tattoo will last longer, otherwise it will last only 2-3 days.

5. Wipe the excess of talc. Use a clean cloth to remove any gel or powder from your skin. Be careful not to rub the tattoo too hard, just make sure it is dry. You can make your tattoo last longer, if you cover it with film while you sleep.


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