Taylor Brooks

How To Make Snow Globes

You can make such globe and surprise Santa with one's own hands, and your imagination will help to represent a winter scene.

As the main capacity any can – from children's food, pepper or olives, for example, will be good. Also look for plastic or ceramic figures (metal will rust) in the markets or in specialized festive shops (for example, collection toys). Synthetic evergreen Christmas trees can be bought in the majority of shops where sell plants.


  • Evergreen fir-tree;
  • Plastic or ceramic figures;
  • Glass jar;
  • Oil paint-enamel (optionally);
  • Emery paper;
  • Epoxy glue;
  • Spangles;
  • Glycerin.


1. If covers of cans don't correspond to color of a season, paint them with enamel of the necessary color.

Do the basis.

Paint a cover.

2. Smooth out an internal surface of a cover a sandpaper so that it became rough. Cover a cover with glue from within and attach a figure. Let glue dry out.

Add a spangle.

Glue figures.

Figures are already pasted.

3. Fill the can up to the top with the distilled water; add spangles and glycerin (it is available in drugstores) in order that spangles didn't fall down very quickly. But don't add much, otherwise a spangle will remain at the bottom of banks when you turn it.

Pour water.

Pour coarse-grained glycerin.

Pour fine-grained glycerin.

4. Screw a cover on the can hardly, and be careful with a figure. Shake the can and put it on a cover – and snowfall will begin.

Put a cover with figures in a snow globe.


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