Brielle Chavez

How To Make Stained Glass

To make a stained glass we will need:

  • glass of the necessary size;
  • pattern on a sheet of paper the same size as your glass;
  • light table;
  • lead knife;
  • film knife;
  • film roller;
  • lead roller;
  • marker;
  • scissors.

Supplies: stained glass film of selected colors and textures, lead tape of selected color and width.

First we should clean the glass. Use any glass cleaner to decrease it, "Mr. Muscle”, for example.

Cover the glass edges with lead tape.

In order to make a neat-looking stained glass design, before applying lead tape consider which edge line will cover the glass and which will cover the bottom line.

Now when the entire contour is applied, flat lead with your lead roller  (you can use two same type rollers both for lead and film, but not one for both materials)

Turn the glass, put cork blocks under it for safety purposes-it might crack while you’re working it as it’s not plain any more.

Again, clean the glass.

Begin to fill in the spaces between lead contours with pieces of film cut out from film sheets (film sheet size is 46 × 66 cm) using a marker and scissors.

Try to make film pieces a bit large than necessary in order to cover then all the joints with a second lead contour.

Periodically flat film joints with your roller.

Once all the pieces of film are attached, proceed to the second lead contour.

The second contour should cover all film joints and repeat the initial contour on the reverse side of your stained glass (it is perfectly visible on the light table).

When the entire contour is applied, again take your roller and ... warm up! (Joke) THOROUGHLY FLAT the lead.

Voila! Our stained glass is finished; we only have to wash the marker off the film and glue off the lead tape.


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