Katherine Hughes

How To Make Erasers

Erasers, as a rule, are quite cheap, but if you want to make own erasers, there are several ways. You can make erasers for a pencil with one's own hands, using uniform rubber or specialized clay. If you want to receive a "magic eraser" which erases more serious traces, such as ink, you can easily create such eraser from a small piece of a melamine sponge.

Rubber Eraser

1. Protect yourself. Even in spite of the fact that any of the materials used in this project isn't considered especially aggressive, all of you equally have to protect your eyes, having put on goggles. It is recommended to put on an apron or a dressing gown for protection of your clothes against pollution.

2. Mix uniform rubber with water. Mix 30 ml of Pliatex form rubber and 30 ml of water in the small container from material which doesn't react. Stir slowly with a spoon until components don't mix up.

3. Pour in rubber mix in vinegar. In a separate glass or plastic bowl, pour 30 ml of the distilled white vinegar. Fill in mix of rubber and water in this vinegar and carefully mix.

4. You can add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of sand. In spite of the fact that this ingredient isn't considered obligatory, such fine-grained friable material as sand can improve quality of your eraser.

5. Give a form to an eraser. While material for an eraser is still rather pliable, give with fingers to it the desirable form.

6. Dip an eraser into water. Fill a small bowl on a third with cold water and put in it an eraser. Leave it in water for several minutes.

7. Let eraser to dry. Pull out an eraser from water and put on a dry surface. It has to dry on air, and this process can take several hours.

8. Use your eraser. After drying, your eraser has to be ready to use.


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