Katherine Hughes

How To Make Floating Lanterns

To make a small lantern the following is required to us: a crepe paper (It is better floristic since it is more dense), polyfoam (will approach both usual, and the made foam substrates from a supermarket), a pencil, scissors, glue or a bilateral adhesive tape, a piece of cardboard for a template.

On a piece of cardboard draw a silhouette of future petals. About like that: big-bellied and not really pointed. Cut out and transfer to a crepe paper. Veins of paper have to go lengthways in order that then it was possible to give to petals the necessary form.

Cut out floats from polyfoam. In this case there were circles of the size of a cover from banks. But it is possible both square and even triangular!

Then give the necessary concave form to petals. And on a float paste a bilateral adhesive tape.

It is left only to paste petals. On one small lantern it is necessary from 8 to indefinitely of petals. One circle — 4 petals. The second circle — 4 more, but in chessboard order. And further, at desire, and the third and fourth … only then a float it is necessary more.

The basis of petals fastens a little in a fold in order that our petals stood and didn't fall at own will. Therein give to petals the final form.

The last stroke paste a tablet candle in the center of a flower.


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