Katherine Hughes

How To Make Beaded Earrings

In this master class we’ll show you a scheme and we’ll tell you how to make beautiful earrings out of beads. They will perfectly match your evening attire. The earrings are diamond-shaped and have pendants. They are called in a very romantic name “Elegy”. The whole process of work will take, approximately, 40 minutes.

Black beads may be replaced with the beads of any other colour or spangle. The base may be of golden colour.

Materials And Instruments:

  • 14 bijouterie pegs with one figured edge in the form of a spear;
  • The base for the earrings in the form of rhombus - 2 items;
  • Ear hooks - 2 items;
  • Black glass beads - 114 beads;
  • Pliers;
  • Round-nose pliers;
  • Nippers.

A Step-By-Step Instruction

The first step. We start creating our earrings with threading beads on the bijouterie pegs the way it’s shown on the photo. There will be 7 pendants on each earring. The wii be of various length. Besides, they will be located symmetrically on both sides of the diamond’s base. In order to do it we thread beads on 14 pegs. There should be the following number of beads:

  • 2 pegs - 16 beads on each;
  • 4 pegs - 12 beads on each;
  • 4 pegs - 8 beads on each;
  • 4 pegs - 4 beads on each.

The second step. The parts of bijouterie pegs where there are no beads we twist in a loop with the help of pliers. The excess of it that’s left we cut off with nippers.

The third step. We make a connective element for an ear hook and the base of the earrings. In order to make it we take 2 bijouterie pins with that have a loop on one end and start threading 4 beads on each of them. The free end of pin we need to twist in a loop and cut off the excess.

The fourth step. We put all the elements of a future earring in an order that is shown on the picture. Then, we start assembling the article.

The fifth step. We fasten spear-like pendants to the lower part of the diamond-shaped base. We start from the very long pendant, the one where there are 16 beads. We need to put it in the middle. Then, we connect the base with an ear hook with the help of a connective element that has loops on both ends.

Our marvelous earrings for an evening attire are ready!


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