Caroline Murphy

How To Make A Dog Bed

Dogs need a place to relax, where they will not interfere with anyone. There they will have sweet sleep and will not be disturbed. Their own cozy and warm bed will quickly be appreciated by a pet. You can make a dog bed by yourself, if you wish.

You will need the materials and tools used in sewing of articles made of fabric. In addition, you need the filler. This may be padding polyester, silicone, dry sawdust, foam and so on.

You need:

  • A large sheet of paper to build patterns. If there is none, the newspaper will be suitable.
  • The covering fabric. It is better to choose a fabric with a dense texture: teak, denim material, etc. They do not have a nap, do not allow the filler to go out through the seams and do not fade after numerous washes.
  • Lightweight material for pillowcases. They have to be changed and washed periodically to the extent of contamination of the product.

It is necessary to wait for the moment when the dog will settle down on the floor, legs stretched out freely. A pattern for the puppy should be made two times bigger, either you will have to sew a new dog bed as the pet grows. You need to copy the ready pattern on paper, then cut and circle using chalk on the wrong side of the fabric.

Details of fabric are sewn together, and it is necessary to leave small holes to fill the details with a filler. If it is the foam, its pieces are cut out in strict accordance with the size of the flanges and the bottom of the lounger. Firstly, you do the bottom, then fasten it to the bumpers. The work can be done on a sewing machine or by hands. It depends on the preferences of the author.

This is the easiest option.


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