Zoey Lee

How To Make A Lava Lamp

You will need:

  1. Empty can;
  2. Sunflower oil;
  3. Water;
  4. Food colorant;
  5. Effervescent tablet.

Let’s start:

1. Fill the can with sunflower oil at three-quarters.

2. Pour water into a can but leave a little space for air.

3. Add in a can 10-12 drops of food colorant.

4. Break effervescent tablet into small pieces and throw them into the can. Close the can and flip.

Lava-lamp is ready!

How it works

Oil and water do not mix, and food colorant dyes only water. Effervescent tablets react with water and form tiny bubbles that are attached to the drops of colored water, lifting them up. When the bubbles burst, drops again sink to the bottom.


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