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How To Make A Birthday Hat

Bright and multi-colored paper cones are popular accessories, pertinent both at a noisy crowded party, and at a small home festival among family members. However, we often find it difficult to get an article of suitable color or size and probably have not enough time to look for it. So, provide yourself with several sheets of thick paper and the scheme, and make exactly such hats what you would like to see on the holiday.

For this project you need the following:

  • Scheme: you may download it here;
  • Thick color paper or thin cardboard;
  • Multi-colored ribbons;
  • Crepe or crimp brown paper for a round frill and pompons;
  • Fine wire.

Sequence of steps:

1. Print and cut out the scheme.

2. Transfer a template to the sheet of color paper and cut out preparation.

3. Fold a cone of the hat, having inserted the prominent part of the side edge into the cut. For hardening your hat, fix the place of backsides connection by the Scotch tape from the inside of them.

4. Make crosswise cuts on the opposite sides of the hat and pass the ribbon throughout them. Tie the end of the ribbon with a small knot from the inside. This would prevent the ribbon from slipping out and away.

5. Decorate your birthday hat with application, round frill and pompons made of brown paper.

How To Make The Round Frill Of Brown Paper

Having finished this base work, you can start the most interesting part of the project, which is the decoration of the birthday hat. For this purpose you need crepe or crimp brown paper of a contrast color, scissors and a stapler.

1. Cut paper on tapes about 3 cm wide.

2. From each side of the tapes make a proportional fringe.

3. Roll up the tapes into the rolls, fluff up the fringe ends and then unroll the tapes in a previous condition.

4. Superimpose 2 or 3 such tapes on one another and fix them along the lower edge of the hat, fastening the uncut central part of tape by the stapler.

5. To make the top of the hat, roll up a shorter fringe tape into a roll and lace it tightly in the middle by the fine wire, having left long wire ends from the both sides.

6. Fluff up the fringe so that its form would be like a small ball.

7. Pass both ends of the wire throughout an aperture on the hat cap, spread them at sides and fix by the Scotch tape on opposite parts of the hat basis.


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