Aaliyah Roberts

How To Make A Paper Heart

Paper hearts are especially popular on the eve of St Valentine’s Day. 3D hearts can be used to decorate a postcard, gift packages or be presented as a valentine to your beloved person. In this article we will tell you about different ways of how to make a paper heart. The first one we are going to consider is making simple origami hearts that can be folded even by a pre-schooler.

Paper Heart: How To Make A Paper Heart

To make a paper heart you will need a square piece of paper. It is recommended to use double-sided color paper or scrapbook paper.

1. Fold the paper diagonally twice to mark creases. Fold the paper back. That is what it should look like.

2. Fold top corner towards the center.

3. Fold bottom corner towards the top side center as shown.

4. Continue making a paper heart. Next fend both sides in turns towards the central crease.

5. The heart is almost ready, we are almost here… Flip the paper over. Fold side and top corners to make it look like a heart.

Such a heart can be used to decorate a St Valentine’s Day gift or a postcard.


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