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How To Make Tissue Paper Balls

Each of us knows spheres and circles, and you might also have studied geometry at school like the majority of people. Sphere is a common shape, for instance, our planet also looks like a sphere. The Sun is a sphere too. Fictional mages use spherical crystals in tales to predict the future. Each New Year we decorate our Christmas trees with balls. That is all because balls and spheres look optimistic and nice.

So let us add some positive air to our rooms and decorate them with balls. We will not need any special materials that are hard to get, as we will make them ourselves using paper. There are many ways to make such balls, everything you need is to learn a couple of tricks and get to decorating your room.

How To Make Paper Circle Balls

  1. Take three double-sided sheets of papers of different colours that fit your interior.
  2. Cut 4 circles of each colour of the same size for each ball. There will be 12 circles per ball altogether.
  3. Fold each circle in half and pile them together.
  4. Unfold the circles. You will get a pile of circles with creases in the centre.
  5. Use a stapler to pin the circles together aligning to creases.
  6. Correct the shape of ball halves to make it 3D.
  7. Glue the top of one circle half to the previous circle half, then glue its bottom to the next one, as shown.
  8. In the end you will make a ball.

Continue making balls using this instruction.

It is worthy of note that if you do not pin and pile these circles and just glue them consecutively instead, you will also get a ball, but it will be of another shape. Such a ball can also be used as a wonderful decoration.

And here you have a magnificent decoration for your room. If you cut one small and eight big circles, fold them in half twice and then glue them to the small circle, you will get a ball of a very interesting shape, no worse than the first two options. As they say, the sky is the limit, all you need is your imagination. Using this instruction, you can make many other handcrafted items that will have outstanding features.

You can also pin it to a thick thread of matching colour and join several balls to get a beautiful decoration that can be hung in a children’s room or pinned to curtains.


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