Zoe Allen

How To Make A Paper Sword

Any boy will be glad to have a paper sword and his parents cannot worry that their kid could get injured. Children possess surprising imagination hence a child can easily find the way to use this sword.

Well. To make a paper sword, you will need a sheet of paper of a square shape. Alternately make bends vertically and horizontally, as well as along both diagonals. Then, fold the sheet in "full" vertical and in horizontal "valley" on one of the diagonals. You should get a double square. Overbend the side bottom parts of the top layer in the direction of the vertical axis.

Smooth out folded parts. Uncover the top workpiece layer by the lower corner. Fold side faces in along resulting lines of the bend. Smooth out the folding. You should get a rhombus.

Fold the upper parts of the rhombus so that the edges would coincide with a vertical axis on each side. Turn over the resulted workpiece longitudinally of the vertical axis. Fold side corners in the top workpiece layer so as it is shown in the picture.

Put the corners in original position. Thrust them in the resulted curves inside the figure.

Turn over the part again to model the sword blade. To do it, fold side corners of the top layer to the mid- point, using lines going parallel to the vertical axis. The corners must coincide with the vertical. Turn over the workpiece again and fold upper wedges to the middle.

Once again turn the workpiece longitudinally to vertical axis. Smooth out folding of the central part. Then avert the bottom corner to the right, which will allow to uncover the workpiece from inside. Combine the bottom edge of the turned around triangle with the vertical axis.

Based on the already marked bend lines, fold «a rabbit ear». Put it aside down and then fold the "ear" on the left exactly the same way and point it downward.

Now it is the time to create the barrier protecting hands. To do this, take the bottom corner of the top layer to the right and bend it along diagonal lines.

Carry out similar actions from both sides and get perpendicular barriers which will protect hands. A fold faced upward will appear at the bottom of each of them. Turn over the sword. It is almost ready.

Now the matter depends on a handle. To make it, fold lower corners to the middle. Bend up rays of the enclosure so that they would become thinner. Fold back tips of rays upward.

All done! You`ve made a sword from paper!


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