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How To Make A Paper Hat

It is very easy to make a hat or any other head-dress of paper - it will not take a lot of time. Let's consider some options available and start with a top hat.

Top Hat

You need an ordinary plate, pencil, scissors, glue and thin cardboard. This is a classic version of the creation of hats, and on its basis you can come up with your own ideas.

1. Cut the cardboard intended for the top of the hat, into two ribbons of equal width (please note that their width determines the height of the cylinder).

2. Measure the circumference of child's head, divide that number by 2 - and you get the desired length of each of the bands. Make an allowance of about 2 cm on the bonding line, and cut the excess cardboard.

3. Merge the two fragments overlapping on the transverse side. You will get a single long strip of cardboard.

4. Next, turn the strip into a cylinder colored side out, and glue it transverse edges overlapping.

5. At the conventionally lower side of the cylinder make cuts about 2 cm deep, spaced 2 cm apart. Then set the item aside for a while.

6. Lay the cardboard intended for the hat brim on a table. Put on a normal soup bowl and draw its outline with a pencil. Then put your cylinder in the center of the circle and also draw its outline. Cut the resulting "donut".

7. Go back to the cylinder. Put it on the table (cuts down) and put on them a bit of glue or paste a piece of double-sided tape.

8. Put the "donut" on the cylinder and press it, so the glue is clutched.

Bottom view:

9. If you want to hide the places of gluing, cut another circle and glue it to the bottom surface of the borders.

10. Decorate the hat with contrasting paper tape and you're done.


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