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How To Make An Envelope Out Of Paper

In case to send an ordinary message or a greeting card is necessary for you, but there is no envelope at hand, you can easily make it by yourself. In this piece we offer you several different ways how to make an envelope from plain white or beautiful wrapping paper.

Method No.1

1: Choose an A4 size sheet of paper and double it longitudinally. Then unfold it again – thus, you will fix a fold.

2: Place the sheet vertically in front of you, fold back the right top corner in the direction of the center. Fold back the left top corner alike.

3: Measure out 3,8 cm from the right edge of the sheet and fold back directing to the center. Do the same with the left side of the sheet.

4: Fold back the bottom sheet part so that its bottom edge would coincide with the point of the top triangles` intersection with folded back side pieces (see the picture), unfold it again.

5: Put your message or a trading - card into the envelope, having placed it between folded back edges.

6: Close the envelope. To do this, fold back the first lower part and then the upper one (so as the flap triangle would locate on the top).

7: Glue a flap of the envelope with help of an adhesive tape, glue up the side pieces as well with an adhesive tape.

Method No.2

1: Select an A4 size sheet of paper and scissor it out in the way to get a square form.

2: Double the square sheet of paper diagonally first into one side, then to the other side. Smooth the sheet again.

3: Turn the sheet for 45°. Fold back the lower corner in the direction of the center of the sheet, then fold back the bottom edge of the resulting figure along the central fold.

4: Now peel back the left corner of a sheet in the direction of the center so that the top of a triangle would slightly protrude behind the middle of a sheet. Repeat the same with the right side.

5: Unbend the tip of the right triangle so that the fold would fall exactly on the mid - point of the part. Do not unbend the corner fully – it must stick out vertically.

6: Spread the triangle with your finger to get a rhombus with a «pocket» on the top.

7: Fold the flap of the envelope and thrust the top of the triangle into the rhombus «pocket». It is ready!


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