Kennedy Stewart

How To Make A Paper Mache

You will get a solid, wooden-like plate and, what is most important, it will be easy to make. You will be able to apply any beautiful pattern you like.

How is it done? Firstly, you need the following components:

  • Any porcelain or ceramic plate, dish, tray;
  • PVA glue (it is the most suitable for this type of work);
  • Pieces of newspaper (it becomes dense while drying, so it is not a problem to get it) and a saucer of water.

Let's get started. Firstly, you moisten pieces of newspaper (they should be small to create indistinguishable layers) with water and put them on a plate, so that the newspaper completely repeats the plate profile. You can also wrap a plate around with plastic film, because it is difficult to separate the bottom layer of the newspaper from the plate after drying.

Do not bend the edges - just simply cut them off neatly with scissors or knife, along the contour.

Put the newspaper only on the top layer of the plate - you do not need to paste the entire dish.

Then, you remove air bubbles, taking them to the edge of the paper. When one layer of newspaper moistened with water is ready, lubricate it with the PVA glue and put the next layer. If the glue is slightly diluted with water, it is no longer necessary to moisten the pieces of newspaper. But be careful: do not highly dilute the glue with water, otherwise layers will not be completely dry. Subsequent layers are simply lubricated with glue, which is slightly diluted with water.

Therefore, layer by layer, you create a gift (or decoration, or functional tray, or anything else!) with your own hands. The main thing to consider is that the more layers in a plate, the stronger and more durable it becomes.

Finished layer of paper mache can be easily removed from the plate. The corners are equally cut with scissors or knife.
After all, you can start applying a beautiful pattern. It is better to cover the top layer with mastic and then with ceruse beforehand - any paint is well applied to it, ans newspaper lines do not leak through the paint.


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