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How To Make A 3D Snowflake

When you hear «snowflake out of paper», you imagine folded for several times cloth and work with scissors on a cutting contour. However, there are other technologies. Let’s make a 3D snowflake. Homemade snowflake assembled from strips of paper, which are connected with glue or held together with office stapler paper. DIY – 3D snowflake!

1. Firstly, you need a sheet of colored paper or cardboard, scissors, glue or a stapler.

2. Use scissors to cut the A4 sheet crosswise into strips. When applying the adhesive strip width can be 3-6 mm (0.12 – 0.24”), so a snowflake will be more lightsome. If the strips are stapled with stapler, it is better to choose the band width in the range of 8-10 mm (0.31 – 0.39”). You need to cut 12 strips in total.

3. Snowflake will be assembled from two identical halves. For one half you need 6 strips. Bend two strips for the determination of their center and glue it in a cross.

4. Glue one strip on each side of the central strip. Please note that the strips are collected in the center by weaving with each other.

5. Apply the glue at the end of the strip and glue the strips in each sector rotating it by 180°. It will be convenient to use paper clips to make the gluing stronger. For details, refer to the photo.

6.  Make the second half of 3D snowflake with the same method.

7. We combine the two halves of the snowflake together (as shown in the photo) and glue straight strips with petals. Let the glue become dry.

8. Tie a loop of thread on the snowflake – a Christmas toy. The 3D snowflake is done. You can "sharpen" the ends of the straight strips using scissors, if necessary.

When you have made a large number of 3D snowflakes, they can be joined in a garland hanging on a stretched fishing line or twine. Garland can be made faster if you use stapler for fastening strips. The snowflake size is changed by the length of the strip, which you can modify.


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