Ava Jones

How To Draw Cartoon Faces

1. Start with the head. Usually, you would draw an oblong oval to make the head, however you can try other shapes.

2. Here you can select from a great variety of eyes. Big, small, long, short, wide and narrow eyes. Feel free to choose and use different types of eyes.

3. Next you will need a nose. You can draw round noses, but other types will be of use, too. Noses can be square or even right.

4. Go on with the mouth. A wide smiling mouth showing upper teeth is the best choice. You can also draw a wavy line that will make the face look sad. If your hero is a bad guy, draw him a sardonic mouth.

5. Nearing to the end, add ears and hair. Ears should be twice the size of the eyes. Draw them with a single curve. You can make your hero bold, but lush thorns will do, too.

6. In the end all the lines, step back and admire your masterpiece.

7. Finished.


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