Emery Holmes

How To Draw A Cartoon Person

You need to draw a cartoon person for a school project, for a greeting card, or you’re just bored and want to do something? Follow these simple steps to draw a cartoon person.


1. Use light colors first. Light blue or yellow will not be visible if you scan or copy your picture, so you won’t have to erase them. When you are satisfied with what you drew just trace the lines with black color.

2. Draw a circle, which will be the man’s head.

3. Draw a rectangle joined to the “head” with a small line, which leaves some space to draw the neck. The rectangle will be the man’s chest and stomach.

4. Depict two straight legs.

5. Draw two straight arms with several fingers.

6. Add some details to the arms.

7. Add some details to the legs.

8. Draw the man’s ears.

9. Draw some hair if you want to.

10. Draw the small details.

11. Draw the person’s features including the eyes, nose, mouth, and brows. Remember that the eyes should be placed a bit closer to the center of the face, not at the top of it. You can depict the person’s expression varying the brows and the lips’ angles.

12. Draw the shirt.

13. Draw the fingers. Some people think it’s funny to draw only three fingers and a thumb. It’s up to you anyway.

14. Add some more details including pants and boots. Remember that the heels should go farther then the central line of the legs.



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