Gabriela Munoz

How To Draw A Cartoon Girl

1. First of all, define the shape of the chibi girl. Remember the main chibi rule: the head should be larger in proportion to the body. Draw this shape and divide it in four parts with a straight line.

2. Now you can draw your big eyes on the horizntal line. If you don't know how to draw them, check out the anime eyes tutorial.

3. As we are drawing one's self in chibi anime style, we need to convey our significant features. Let's start with hair. I have a long hair, which is straight with curly ends. So I draw the hair like that. If you draw yourself, try to think of every detail – if your hair is short, make it short in the drawing. If you are usually wear a cap or a hair pin, then feel free to add that detail to your drawing. Your friends will easily recognize you then.

4. I eraze the line in the top of the drawing, beneath the hair, but I don't eraze the brow bits that cover the hair strands. Draw a thin neck, shoulders, arms, and torso.

5. Now follow with the legs.

6. I add the headband and the rest of the curly hair.

7. Now it's time to draw the chibi's clothing. Try to think of your favourtie outfit. If you wear dresses, then draw a dress. If a pair of jeans with a t-shirt is your choice, then you know what to do.

8. When drawing yourself you need to add the details that convey your unique self. I love cats, so my chibi has a little cute cat friend next to her. I already told you how to draw a cat, and you can find the tutorial here.

9. Now it's time to color your chibi self-portrait. I have blue eyes, which is why I draw blue eyes. If your eyes are brown, grey or green, you should draw them likewise.

10. Color the hair. I've already mentioned how important it is to draw hair like yours correctly, so that others will recognize you. The same goes with the hair color. My hair is originally fair but I usually dye it red. So chibi girl has red hair. Carefully check your hair color in a mirror and try to convey it correctly in the drawing. Add some white highlights to make it anime style.

11. Color the clothing. I color the shirt the same color as my eyes and the skirt in the color of my hair. Try to think of your favorite outfit and its color, and then color the chibi’s clothes in these colors.


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