Daleyza George

How To Draw A Cartoon Cat

To draw a cat is actually very easy. There is a huge number of options of drawing of a cat, but this variant will teach you to draw an animation cat without special difficulties and skills only for 7 steps.
So, let’s start:

1. We draw contours of the head and the body. For the cat’s head we draw a circle. We add the lines which cross each other vertically and horizontally to the center of the circle. On the right side from the head we finish drawing big oblong shape of a cat’s body.

2. We draw eyes using two small circles, the sketch of a nose and mouth as shown in drawing. Also we draw ears from the left and right sides on a circle.

3. Draw a contour of forepaws of a cat, draw hinder legs in the form of two circles.

4. We draw a tail; we will try that it would look long and curved.

5. Hatch eyes and draw moustaches from each side of the head at the level between the nose and the mouth. Also you can finish drawing a collar to your kitty.

6. We draw fur on the head and the body with not big and peaked waves.

7. Decorate the cat with desirable to you colors. It’s ready!


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