Ava Jones

How To Make Putty

You can make putty with your own hands. For your kids it may be not only very educational, but also very entertaining.

1. Mix 2 portions of PVA adhesive with one portion of liquid starch. We can’t take starch that’s usually used for cooking. You really need to have concentrated liquid (for example, Sta-Flo). This type of starch is usually can be bought at hardware shops.

- Buy a bottle of all-purpose adhesive Elmer – it will match perfectly.

- If you wish, you can add food dye on this stage. It’s not necessary to save on the food dye. In future, the colour can fade or the colour may be completely lost.

2. Mix the mixture until you get the desired consistency. If necessary, change the proportions for as long as you don’t feel that your putty feels original. There should be no difference between a putty that you may buy in the store and the one you made yourself.

3. When the putty has almost taken the necessary form, take it out of the bowl and crumple it with your hands. You may need to make some efforts in order to get the desired result. Roll and stretch the putty in different directions. Don’t miss the moment when it’s ready.

4. You need to keep putty in a sealed transparent container. In fact, a cellophane packet with a fastener will also do. Do not forget to check if it’s sealed properly.


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