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How To Make A Doll House

Today you can literally find all you need for such dolls like Barbie, Monster High and many other dolls in shops. There is everything available from lingerie and shoes to yachts and castles. However, in fact, it’s much more interesting to make a dollhouse with your own hands. The building may look not so solid, smooth and elegant. The thing is that for you such a building will be unique and the most precious.

A Two-Storied Dollhouse

Material and instruments:

  • MDF plates, fiberboard panels, unlined High Density Fiberboard panels or just just a usual laminate. The panels should approximately be 5-7 mm. The quantity depends on the size of the house;
  • an electric jigsaw;
  • a bottle of glue “Instant Carpenter”. The glue will be used on walls and roof. A bottle of PVA adhesive or a bottle of dextrin for paper;
  • an industrial duct tape;
  • any kind of paint that can be used on paper (gouache paint, watercolour, acrylic paint), multicolour felt-tip pens;
  • pieces of wallpaper (better small pattern wallpaper);
  • a corrugated board that will be used for roofing slate (inner layer);
  • wooden rulers. Out of these rulers we’ll make the stairs. (Beforehand, with the help of an abrasive you need to erase all inscriptions and figures);
  • a pencil, a ruler, scissors;
  • self-adhesive tape for the floor. The colour of the tape should be close to wood.

All the furniture and accessories will make later, that’s why the materials for them are not given here.

A Step By Step Instruction “How To Make A Dollhouse”

The making of dollhouses starts with very accurate schemes. According to the schemes we cut out 3 walls, 3 ceiling grids, inner partitions and details for the roof. With the help of the electrical jigsaw we carefully cut out door and window apertures. Before doing it, we saw out small holes on the edges.

By baiting the joints with the industrial duct tape, we paste the middle of the building.

We fasten the back wall of the building with the glue.

We set up inner partitions.

We install mansard truss roof. it is not necessary to make dollhouses with this kind of roof. In our case the attic will also be a zone for living.

We install mansard windows on the roof.

We cut tile out of thin cardboard.

Starting from the lower part of the roof, we glue tile or pieces of corrugated board on it.

Now we calour the walls and glue the wallpapers. We glue the floor with a polyethylene film.

We saw up the wooden rulers and glue them together in stairs.

We install the stairs. That’s all. Now you can start thinking about where you will put different items of furniture and what blinds you’ll have on windows.

There isn’t a single wall in our house. We made it on purpose. This way we’ll able to freely move the dolls around the house and move furniture. You may hang curtains, put there a fireplace made out of matchboxes and lay carpet on the floor.


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