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How To Draw Animals For Kids

For a cartoonist, it is very important to know how to draw the face and facial gestures. However, your knowledge will not be full if you are not able to draw animal world in its diversity: fish, birds, domestic animals, wild animals, taking into account that every animal has its unique character. Therefore, in this tutorial we will learn how to draw cartoon animals.

Outline The Base

Cartoons are very useful. Children feel thrilled watching the intricate detail of human forms in a simple and attractive interpretation. Exaggerating facial expressions of our characters, we not only entertain them, but also teach to overcome all the ills of life. For a child the world of cartoons is incomplete without animals. A cartoonist, who can’t draw various animals on paper, is not an artist in the full sense of this word. Today we are going to change it. We will draw animals using mostly a circle.

Locate the eyes in the right place in our first drawing and use this template to draw all other animals.

You will understand the key elements of drawing animals and get some useful tips on how to change the shape design and create something new. Once we have a template, let's draw the first animal.

Draw A Cartoon Cat

The cat’s muzzle is easy to draw, as it has a round shape repeating the outlines of our template.

Cool, isn't it? Now let's draw the cat from different angles:

Cat drawing rules:

  • Large and pointed ears are slightly separated from each other;
  • A tiny nose is almost glued to the muzzle;
  • Big mustache (whiskers).

Let's see how to turn our cat-boy into a girl?

We only changed the eyebrows’ form and painted lashes. That's all! Now we have a lady cat!

Draw A Cartoon Pig

Let's start with the snout:

The secret of drawing pigs is to draw their ears and snout properly. The muzzle should have a rounded shape, the chin flats out. The ears are slightly pointing forward; the snout is connected directly with the head:

The technique is quite simple. Consider these features and it will be a success.

Can I make an elephant out of a pig? Of course! Making small changes you can create totally different creatures!

Draw A Cartoon Horse

We use one template for all animals. Let's draw a horse. Note that the skull of a horse is thinner, the muzzle is elongated and pointing towards, the jaw is round and features big teeth.

Completing corners:

Note that the mane flows down the horse’s neck. Horses have broad and strong necks, their nostrils look upward, and ears are of a normal size compared to the size of the head.

Differences Between Animals

We have already drawn a cat, but still there is another important animal left.

Let's look at the key differences between the dog and the cat:

  • A big nose, protruding forward along with the jaw;
  • The ears are closer to each other;
  • The eyebrows are thicker;
  • The muzzle is not so round;

The length of the ears in dogs can vary depending on the breed: they can either fall on the snout or stick up.

Drawing different dog breeds can take a whole day. Unlike cats, dog breeds are very different from each other.

Birds also are very different, too:

The chicken’s head is round, while the eagle and the parrot have flat heads.


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