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How To Draw Superheroes

In this article we'll show you how to draw a superhero.

Cartoon Superhero

1. Draw a line for the figure.

2. Draw more details to form a body, an oval for the chest and a triangle for the legs.

3. Draw a circle for the face and hands and rectangles to denote gloves. Draw a rectangular shape under the oval for a large chin. Make a sketch of hands.

4. Add a few ovals to indicate clouds.

5. Start drawing a face by thicker lines.

6. Draw the arms and legs. Make a muscular figure.

7. Draw the clouds.

8. Begin to paint the picture.

9. Add color and details.

Simple Superhero

1. Draw the strip for a body with circles and ovals to indicate the head and body.

2. Give the figure a movement and make a sketch of the arms and legs. Draw small circles to indicate the joints.

3. Add small circles for the elbows and make a sketch of the fingers.

4. Based on the outline, draw a hero.

5. Erase all unnecessary lines and add details to a drawing.

6. Start making the contours darker and begin to paint the face.

7. Paint the body.

8. Finish the drawing by adding all necessary shades.


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