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How To Draw A Female Body

Anatomically a woman's body is the same as that of a man, with a few differences. For example, hips and waist, where proportions are usually different. Legs look longer (thanks to the waist), and much more gracefully contoured. Most of the differences become apparent when you look at the structure of bones.

Let us examine the process of constructing a "typical" female body in a cartoon style.

Step 1

Let's start with the central axis. Draw a straight vertical line with a ruler:

Now depict the torso. Draw an inverted triangle, like this:

Step 2

To determine the position of the breast, draw inside the torso an upward triangle.

Excellent! Now draw two circles on the corners, denoting the breast.

Step 3

With a simple circle outline the hips.

Step 4

To portray the legs, simply draw curved lines emanating from the circle of the top, as shown below.

Step 5

Now add a new triangle at the bottom of the circle denoting the groin.

Step 6

Very good! This is the main silhouette of a female body. Now add contours and finish our beautiful female figure.

Now that we have the basic pattern of the female body, we can change the proportions! It's all about character development in accordance with your goals.

After determining the basic proportions, we can play with the structure of the body.

The difference between a male and female body goes further than you think, and is not limited to the size of the muscles and bones. Pay attention to an image below and remember these simple rules:

  • women have lower trapezius muscles, and the neck seems longer;
  • clavicle stand out on the ends of arms;
  • umbilicus is located below the waist;
  • female pelvis is longer, pelvic bones are higher.


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