Emery Holmes

How To Draw A Boy

A little boy is a perfect choice to draw. They use such images in media to deliver some message about a male person. Let’s get down to business!

Cartoon Boy

1. Draw a circle for the boy’s head and a cross in it’s bottom part.

2. Draw a square; it will be the boy’s body. Depict his legs and arms with small rectangles or ovals. Draw the palms and feet with small circles or ovals.

3. Draw the boy’s eyes, cheeks, mouth, ears and hair. Use the circle as the reference point.

4. Draw the legs and arms’ details to make the “boy” look more like a human.

5. Depict the boy’s clothes drawing some squares and rectangles.

6. Erase the unnecessary lines.

7. Color the boy based on your own preference!

Conventional Boy

1. Draw a small circle with a line (like a balloon with a rope). Draw a cross shifted a bit to the right (or to the left) inside the circle.

2. Draw the main lines for the boy’s arms and legs. Place them the way you want it.

3. Draw small circles for the boy’s joints (shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles) and a square for his body.

4. Trace the body according to the pattern rounding the edges where necessary to make the drawing look more realistic.

5. Erase the unnecessary lines. Draw the boy’s head using the circle as the reference point.

6. Erase all the rest unnecessary lines and draw the arms and the eyes.

7. Color the picture the way you want it!


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