Summer Gardner

How To Draw Sonic

Everyone knows such a character as, for example, Sonic. Characters like this one are popular thanks to computer games and anime. However, it may be rather cool if you can draw them.

A Step-By-Step Instruction

1. Make a sketch of a big circle and a smaller circle that are connected to each other. This will be the sketch of the head and the body of the character.

2. Make a sketch of the location of the legs and body. Also, add the location of the ears.

3. Add the form of the legs, hands and arms. Use a half-circle and an oval for the legs. Use an oval to draw the hands.

4. Make a sketch of the fingers’ location. Do the same for the gloves and socks.

5. Add small circles on the end of the lines so that to mark the place of the fingertips.

6. Draw 5 curved lines near the head. They should become smaller as you go on drawing from head to the back. Also, add a line for the tail.

7. “Close” the lines to make the spikes of Sonic.

8. Add an outline of eyes and nose.

9. Add the facial features.

10. Draw the main characteristic features of Sonic appearance.

11. Erase the sketching lines then, add more details.

12. Colour Sonic.


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