Sarah Torres

How To Draw A Watermelon

Shall we draw a watermelon with colored pencils? Why not! First we have to choose the correct pencil palette – a few green ones (in warmer and colder colors), yellow and brown ones. Each picture’s palette is always limited by a certain set of colors.

As always we need a paper suitable for colored pencils (fine-grained is the best one and the most pleasant to draw on) and an eraser.

1. First we draw a circle with an ellipse inscribed on top of it. Then we mark the tail.

2. We mark the position of watermelon’s pattern with the help of stripes.

3. We color the entire surface in a yellow green color (not very densely). Try to color it gradually and avoid using all paper’s resource from the start.

4. Then we start marking the drawing itself with dark green pencil. It’s not necessary to copy every point and stripe shown in the picture.

5. We add color to every part of the watermelon, making its color deeper.

6. We continue coloring our watermelon in different shades of green (we use warmer ones for the top and colder ones for the bottom), leaving a light place for the patch of the reflected light.

7. Then we add thin streaks of green to lighter part of watermelon’s peel.

8. In the end we color a tail, adding a brownish grey shades. We distinguish the base of a tail on the left side with the help of a darker color. Then we add colder tones to lower part of the watermelon. And we add a drop shadow.


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