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How To Draw A Flower

In this lesson we will tell you how to draw a flower. We’ve looked for the pictures of flowers dawn in pencil on the Internet and decided to take a picture of a lily as an example. People plant and grow lots of different kinds of beautiful lilies in their gardens. This is the picture we’ll try to copy.

Let’s start by drawing a circle inside of which we’ll draw our flower. Under there’ll be a stem of the flower. We may draw a simple stem, a leafy stem or draw only a couple of leaves on the upper part of the stem. In our case, there are only 2 leaves. It’s not likely that you’ll have difficulties with this, so let’s go on.

A Step-By-Step Instruction On “How To Draw A Flower In Pencil”

Now we start drawing and pointing out each petal of the lily. Pay attention to the form of the petals and the fact that lilies usually have 6 petals. Start drawing and pointing out stamens. This is what you should get.

Now we start drawing each tiny detail of the lily. Let’s add some spots on the petals.

The next stage. We need to erase the guiding lines we drew in the beginning and run a contour of the lily.

The next step.

And finally.

Try going through this lesson on your own. You may take a different flower.


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