Sarah Torres

How To Make A Couch

Making a DIY couch is not as difficult as it seems. Back and arms are assembled with coaks and the rest are joined with furniture fasteners and self-tappers. DIY couches are ideal for countryhouse yards and can become part of interior design. Due to its light weight, it can be carried outside and inside easily.

Pillows of such couches are generally detachable and attached with the help of sewed bands.

Pillow filling may vary depending on your preferences and materials you have at your disposal. The most commonly used material is foam.

Pillow sizes depend on where you are going to place your couch.

Typical couch length is 190 cm, wooden back height (from floor to top) is 78 cm. Seat height (without pillows) is 30-31 cm.

Leg cross-section is 35/40 cm, side width is 86 cm, and height is 60 cm.

The lower horizontal part if 15 cm in width is set at the height of 15 cm from the floor. Coach assembly is carried out without any glue and only with furniture fastenings. Back and arms are joined together with self-tappers.

While making a DIY coach, keep in mind that length of back and arms should make up 183 cm, whereas seat angle should be 10-11 degree.

Front and middle longitudinal boards should be separated by a distance of 60 cm. Seat and back are attached to the middle board.

Rail length, and thus seat depth, should make up 64 cm, and its width should make up 6-7 cm.

Back size is 60x183 cm. Bottom and top boards of the back are 8-9 cm in width; vertical boards’ length makes up 42 cm, their width is 6-7 cm.

Of course you can make a couch of any other size.


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