Aria Young

How To Draw Cats

This material shows how to draw a cat. We made 10 of step by step schemes, which show cats and kittens of different breeds, ages and in different poses. To draw the animal properly requires good crisp lines.

1. To draw such a fluffy cat you should define the basic shape, which can describe his body and start moving from the less accurate tracings to be more accurate.

2. Cat’s skull has a very complex anatomy. Big eyes and a small muzzle are hard to portray. Therefore it is important to give prominence of the head to be clear with the next steps.

3. The cat, which lies on the back is a fairly non-standard drawing. That is why you need to learn it. Pay attention to the imposition of details. Try to draw this funny kitten.

4. Little kitten is an incredibly gentle creature. Therefore you need to properly convey his emotions: fear, interest, desire to learn. The paws of the kitten must be massive.

5. Schematic and childlike manner of paint also requires effort and phased work. So try to see the end result - cheerful and mischievous kitten.

6. Graceful Siamese cat is an example of what should be all cats. With the help of this breed should be learnt the anatomy of the animal. Emphasize the lines sharpness.

7. To properly convey the focus of cat’s eyes you need to draw three-dimensional eyes. Therefore add more glare in his eyes and correctly portray the pupil. It is best to follow the example, in order not to be disappointed if you do not get a different angle of view of the cat.

8. When the cat washes, he treats himself very carefully. All the muscles are relaxed, and the animal feels in complete tranquility.

9. If the picture has little distinct lines, use this. Carefully draw a structure of cat's fur, his whiskers. Add some formlessness.

10. A humorous image of a cat requires a depiction of certain elements. Funny legs, long whiskers and striped colors make our cat a typical resident of the yard.


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