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How To Draw A Anime Girl

Some refer to the style of anime as the form of art. Most anime drawings contain exaggerated physical features of the people, such as enlarged eyes, thick hair and long limbs. This guide will teach you how to draw in anime style a schoolgirl, a girl in a bathing suit, a teenage girl and a little girl.


1. Make the outline of a girl with the help of lines and shapes. First, draw a circle of a head. Draw at the bottom a pointed outline of chin and cheekbones. Draw a neck by a short line. From the neck draw a curved line of the body to the pelvis level. Draw a rectangle chest and attach the limbs line. The triangles mark the hands.

2. Use a sketch as the basis, draw body shape. Pay attention to the proportions of the location of joints. Add a crossed lines on the face and chest, to later use them to determine the exact position of the body parts.

3. Now you can draw the eyes. Place them, focusing on the crossed lines. Add small curved dashes of eyebrows. Outline the angle of a nose and a small curved line of a mouth.

4. Decide what hairstyle to draw for your character in the anime style. This illustration depicts a simple hairstyle that can be drawn by means of tapered and curved lines. You can also add a bow, barrette or any accessory to the hair.

5. Select a design of character’s clothes. A common choice is the school uniform. Simple blazer and pleated skirt will also look great.

6. Draw details and erase extra lines.

7. Paint the drawing.

8.H ere are a few ideas that you can use for school uniform of your anime character.


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