Sarah Torres

How To Make A Butterfly

Butterflies used for decoration can be made of any material like any other DIY item. It depends on what exactly you are going to decorate with them.

You will need:

  • wire;
  • red capron;
  • acrylic paint with glitter;
  • sparkles and beads;
  • scissors, needle, threads;
  • hot glue gun.


  • round-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, nippers;
  • wire reels of various sizes.

Cut the wire into sections of the needed size. Since forewings are bigger than hindwings, make 2 items for the bigger reel and 2 more for the smaller one.

Take the longer wire and wrap the bigger reel. Leave half the wire rounded and make 3 waves. Then make again an even part and join it to another end.

Make the second big wing the same way.

To make a hindwing, wrap the smaller reel, then make one wave, leave some part even and join the ends.

Cut one more piece of wire, fold it in half and bends its ends in the opposite directions.

Cut another piece of wire with width of 10 cm. Wrap it in the same wire, all coils should be placed close to each other.

Take the wing-wires, capron and threads. Cover the wire with capron. Try not the alter the wire shape. Fix the fabric in place by tying it with a thread. Cut away the capron.

Place a shiny bead on the horns. It will be the butterfly ‘head’.

Assemble the butterfly. To do that, you have to sew all the parts together. Choose threads that match the capron colour.

Paint the wings’ edges with paint with glitters. You should also cover the body with it to disguise the place where all parts are connected.

Decorate the wings and body with sparkles, attach beads to the horns, and the butterfly is complete.

Such a butterfly can be made multicoloured. To do so, make each part of various sizes and join them together.


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