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How To Draw An Orchid

This is a detailed lesson on how to draw an orchid with colored pencils. For drawing you can use any color pencils, but it is recommended to use the brand ones, the author uses Faber Castell. Also, we will need a thick rough paper, a pencil, an eraser and a lot of patience.

We should get here such a drawing of orchids.

This a photo from which we will draw an orchid.

Step 1. Draw a sketch of the flowers, the author draws in her sight, but to comply with the proportions we recommend the use of a grid, as we have done in drawing lessons for a horse, cow, girl.

Step 2. Carefully look at the reference and select the desired color. The gamma in this case varies from reddish pink to cool blue shades.

Step 3. I go to the remaining leaves. Be sure to take into account the peculiarities of light and immediately leave the lightest place. Colored pencils are very difficult to fix. Until I am done with drawing one leaf till the end, I will not move to the other. Perhaps this is not quite right, as they say "draw an ear - look on the heel", but everyone decides for himself which technique to use.

Step 4. I draw "pistil- stamens"— they are called the lip at the orchids. For it I already use crimson and burgundy tones. Toward the middle of the flower - green and pink. It is also necessary to draw spots both on the petals, and the lip.

Step 5. Getting started on the upper flower. The principle is the same. The farther the petal - the more cool colors should be used when drawing, it gives a sense of planning.

Step 6. We successfully completed with this petal and go to the others.

The lower flower we will try to make "out of focus", more blurred than the rest, so you should not elaborate it carefully.

Step 7. It remains to draw a twig and unopened buds and an orchid is ready.

Step 8. The background I have decided to make more contrast than on the picture. I have had hard time doing it - I had to make 2-3 layers of shading on such a large surface. You can make it any type, such as on the reference, or not to do it at all.

That is the ready lesson of how to draw an orchid.


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