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How To Draw A Face

One of the most complicated things in arts is drawing a man. You need to thoroughly study a man’s constitution, the way each his part is built. After that, we can get to our lesson how to draw a face step-by-step.

Step one. The face of this girl is oval. Firstly, we draw an oval and separate it with lines in different sections. The vertical line crosses the face strictly in the center. The horizontal lines should be drawn the following way. The first horizontal line should divide the face a little bit lower its half. The second one divides in halves the rest of the lower part of the face. We can’t provide you with exact measurements because every person has a different face.

These lines help us mark an approximate place where a nose (a vertical line), eyes and lips will be drawn (lower horizontal line). Don’t forget that you’ll need to erase these lines later on. So, you shouldn’t press the pencil too hard while drawing.

Step two. Make approximate strokes on the place where the nose will be. Also draw the lines for mouth and halfway between nose and chin. Make the line of the lower lip wider.

Step three. Let’s start drawing eyes. They are located a bit higher than the nose. External edges of the nose show you where the inner corners of the eyes will be. Make a sketch the way it is shown on the picture. While making the sketch you need to keep in mind one more important factor. The distance between eyes equals the size of one eye.

Now let’s draw the eyebrows.

Step four. Let’s draw the mouth. In our previous lesson we talked about things connected with drawing a mouth. For example, we tried to draw a person’s lips. There is one more important thing. Many artists that only begin painting have a lot of questions about the size of the mouth. What size should the mouth have? Mentally draw 2 lines from the inner corners of the eyes down. This will be an approximate size of the mouth. If you draw a smiling person, the mouth can be a bit wider.

Step five. Now we need to erase the guiding lines we drew on the first 2 steps. Have a look at what you have, as a result. Actually, our sketch is ready. Now we only need to colour it and draw shadows.

Step six. Add more details to the face. Pay attention to the cheekbones and the form of the chin. The woman on our picture has a rather massive chin, but you need to draw it so that this feature will be not that noticeable. Otherwise, she will look like a man. Paint out the pupils and draw eyelids.

The last step. We need to draw shadow with a simple black pencil. This way we will add more volume to the picture and make it look more close to life.

That’s all.


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