Violet Bell

How To Draw A Star

In this lesson you will learn how to draw a five-pointed star by using a pencil - step by step. In the last step of drawing you will paint the edges of the star with a red pencil or paint.

1. Firstly, you need a compass to draw a star.

To begin with, you need to draw a flat circle. This can be done by using a compass or a cup (if you turn it upside down and put on paper). Do not press too much on a pencil, as you will need to delete this circuit using an eraser. The size of the circle is equal to the size of the star, which you want to draw.

2. Divide the circle into five equal parts.

To do this, use the geometry rule and calculate the equal distance between the 5 points on the circle. Arrange these points equidistantly from each other. Next, connect the points as shown in the figure.

3. How to draw a "3D" star.

If you want your star to be three-dimensional in the picture, it is necessary to represent it with "ribs", and one side of the ribs will be shaded. It is very simple - connect the upper points of sharp corners with obtuse angles, and the star is ready for coloring or shading by pencil.

4. The final stage of drawing.

Now you need to remove the overlapping contours within the star pattern and the main contour (circle). Wipe them gently by the eraser.

5. How to check the symmetry of the star.

If you did the marking of high points correctly, the star should have equal sides and distances between vertices. The simplest way to check is to turn the page and see if it looks symmetric on each side. If necessary, you can correct the image before the final paint.

6. The shadows on the edges of the stars.

If you drew a starfish, you do not need to draw the clear lines for it. Shade each of the sides alternately, as well as a five-pointed star, but only with light touches. You need to shade the whole part of one of the sides for the pattern of this star or the sheriff's star to give more contrast and volume to it.


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