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How To Draw SpongeBob

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw SpongeBob step by step. The prototype for this hero is the most common sponge for washing dishes. Therefore, for drawing a picture of SpongeBob, you should just imagine how a simple sponge looks like. Sponges are made of a porous fabric. In the drawing, you can show the porous surface by small circles or dimples. SpongeBob’s body is not proportional; his arms, for example, are located very low. His clothes is uniformed. SpongeBob is famous for his square pants. His shoes and clothes should look cartoonish and express his good-natured character.

1. Initial contour of a sponge.

Start sketching initial contours. For drawing the body, you need to make a square with slightly curved contour lines. If you draw SpongeBob standing, not jumping, make a flat square. Here, we see him jumping; his body is leaned back, and its lines are curved.

2. Square shape of SpongeBob.

Now start drawing the contours of the body, as it is shown on the picture. Make the lines of the square wavy, as our hero is a simple sponge with porous and irregular texture. The hero’s clothes (SpongeBob’s square pants) should be of strict shape. So, use straight lines.

3. Arms and Legs.

All we need to do now is draw legs and arms for our hero. Please note that SpongeBob’s hands "grow" not from the body, but from his head. Draw the legs and make the shoes without any details. At the final stage of the draft, you just need to paint them black.

4. Draw the hands for SpongeBob.

This picture of SpongeBob is not complicated and has approximate contours, so it is very easy to draw it. However, draw the hands, face and feet as accurate as possible, comparing with the original or this picture.

5. Start drawing the face.

Draw the actual lines of Bob's eyes in the form of circles. Draw the nose and the mouth.

6. The final stage of the drawing.

Draw the spongy holes by making dark spots. Add various details to his clothes, such as the tie or socks. Draw other details of SpongeBob, such as, for example, his long tongue. Check, if the sketch is completely finished. Now you can paint it.

7. Paint the picture of SpongeBob with colored pencils.

As the drawing of SpongeBob is for kids, paint it with bright and cheerful colors, as in the cartoon. You can make it best with colored pencils or markers. If you want to paint SpongeBob with watercolor or gouache paints, it is better to make the picture of bigger size, and draw it on a large sheet of paper.


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