How To Draw a Dog

Hello everyone!

I have prepared a great tutorial on how to draw a dog step-by-step. Firstly, we are going to draw a grown dog and a cartooned one for the kids. The steps are pretty easy so prepare everything you need and let us start.

Grab a few pencils, some paper and eraser. Do not draw in a poor lightning – it could be bad for your sight.

Step 1 – Dog’s head
Draw a curved line and connect it with another straight one – it will be the top of the head and a nose. Then draw another curved like under to create a nose and one more for the bottom of the head. Add a little triangle to finish the nose. Draw an ear and eye.

Step 2 – The front
Draw a smooth curve that will be a dog’s chest and draw a one front paw as shown on the picture.

Step 3 – The back and tail
To what we have already add a one or two smoothly curved lines for the dog’s back. Our dog is sitting so her back paw as a uneven circle or oval. Draw a tail.

Step 4 – Finishing up
Erase all the unnecessary lines and add some fur. Highlight the eyes, nose, and paws. Add shades where needed and you are all set.

Now we are going to draw a cartooned dog. This one is easier even though it has more steps but the kids will love it.

Step 1
Draw oval semicircle in which you will draw eyes and eyebrows. Draw another smaller one for the nose. It should look like a reversed heart.

Step 2
As shown on the picture draw the ears. Then draw two short lines under the head for the neck. Draw rounded egg under it to create a body.

Step 3
Follow the pictures to draw the front paws. Try to make them even. Then draw back ones. They should be a little bit bigger than the front because our dog is sitting.

Step 4
Finish all, erase the lines you don’t need add fur. Put some colors on if needed and you are finished.

Now you have learn how to draw a doggy and you can teach the little ones in your family. This is a nice activity that will relax you and bring you joy.



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