How to draw a cat

Hi everyone!

Cats are probably one of the most loved animals in the world. We love them, hate them sometimes and just cannot stop ourselves from posting kitty pictures on our social media. For cat lovers who would like to learn how to draw one I have prepared this step-by-step tutorial. It is easy to do and would be a good for the kids and adults. Try to follow these simple steps and when you’ll learn you can make a picture of your own cat.

Grab your pencils and let’s get started!

Step 1 – Outline
The best way is to start the drawing is to define cat’s outline and shape. Draw a circle for the head, under the head draw a circle a little bit bigger – it will be a torso. Add two lines under the torso circle – those will be cat’s front legs. Draw one more circle at the bottom near the paws – for the torso posterior.

Step 2 – More outline
Now draw three small circles for the paws. Define the outline of the ears and cat’s back. Now we can see a certain shape of the cat.

Step 3 - Face and paws
Define cat’s face shape by drawing curves and a circle for the nose and mouth. Draw a neck contour as well  as the front and Hind paws.

Step 4 – Details
Erase all the lines that you don’t need any more and go to the details. Draw curves for the eyes and curved “X” for the nose and mouth.

Step 5 – Final details
Start drawing with something that seems the easies for you. Like ears, for example. Under the eyes curves draw reflected curves to complete the eye and a pupil inside. The cat's eye pupils are narrow so just draw lines. Connect eyes and nose with the two lines. Draw a mouth. Now do the claws on paws cats had four of them. Don’t forget about cat’s whiskers.

Step 6 – Fur and shades
Draw a fur with the bigger and smaller lines. Define them with shades to look more natural. Draw shades on the neck and under the paws. You can also draw some shades on the surface where cat sits.

All you need to do now is give your cat some color of just leave it as a sketch. Enjoy!



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