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How to draw anime or manga step by step

All of us in childhood were watching the genius anime of mangaka Hayao Miyazaki, such as : "Spirited Away" or "My Neighbor Totoro". After watching these cartoons, people are embracing the desire independently to draw anime on their own. 

So how to draw anime and manga step by step : 

1.First of all you should know, that the main part of the art of drawing such anime characters is the eyes. The eyes express the whole nature of the character. If they are big and bright - this character has a kind and innocent character. 

It is considered that if the anime or manga hero has narrow and small eyes, he is prone to trickery and malice. But beyond that, there are many options for drawing eyes for anime : 

2. The second important part - is the hair. The choice of hair color and hairstyle mangaka is often chooses very seriously. 

· White hair - the character belongs to a race of unearthly : like vampires or spirits. 

· Blue-black hair - these hero are the most serious and restraint, they are remind the embodiment of the values of Bushido such as : vitality, courage, strictness. 

· Brown hair - the character-neutral. 

· Red hair - the person has a passionate and emotional nature. · Yellow hair characters have high self-esteem, for example : from the Royal families. 

· Blue hair indicates high intelligence. 

Create your own unique anime characters and be creative! :)


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