How to draw a Rose

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Roses are one of the most popular and beautiful flowers in the world. Bouquet of them will always be a great present for any occasion. As so does even a little sketch of a one. If you want to decorate a nice postcard or just a letter with the Rose drawing but don't know how to draw it, this tutorial will help you. 

How to convey a beautiness of the Rose petals on paper? As we know the petals have a very difficult shape and it is hard to draw an opened rosebud. But with a step-by-step instruction it will became way easier. So grab some paper and pencils and let’s learn together.

Step 1 – Contour
We are starting with a contour of our Rose. Draw a circle firstly. Your rosebud will be placed inside of it so you need to decide on its size. The circle itself doesn’t need to be perfect :) Don’t push on the pencil too much, draw with a light lines as in the end you’ll need to erase it. Draw a flower stalk as well.

Step 2 - Rosebud
First, draw an undisclosed part of the bud in the center of the rose. Then divide the bud into two parts with a zigzagged line, it will helps you further to draw the right and left-sided petals.

Step 3 – Rosebud details
Draw a contour of all the petals.

Step 4 - Petals
Draw your flower stalk a shape and add leaves, it’s for you to decide about the quantity of them. And don’t make the leaves to big. Remember that they have veins which you also need to draw to make your rose look realistic. Now erase unnecessary contour and the leaves in details. The beauty of the Rose drawing lies in the correct image of the petals. The upper contour of each petal is drawn by two lines connecting at the edge of its edge.

Step 5 – Shades
Try and think where the light source is located on your picture and see which side of a rose is lighter and which is darker. Draw shades after. In the places where two petals deepening - draw a deeper shade. You should also draw shades on a junction of petals. Use your finger to blur the shades; this will make them look more realistic. 

Step 6 – Colors
You can leave your Rose as a sketch or you can put colors on it. Use colored pencils or paint, whatever you like. Don’t forget about the shades. 

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I'm sure you did a great job! Give roses to everyone ♥



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