Gabriela Munoz

How To Draw Scooby Doo

1. Draw a round shape and two curved lines with thin pencil. Then draw a part of Scooby's face and eyes with pupils.

2. Draw Scooby's snout and continue with the rest of the face.

3. Draw the top of the head and ears, and move to the neck.

4. Eraze the round shape and the curved lines. Finish Scooby's ears, draw the big brows, followed by a wrinkle under an eye and a few wrinkles above a cheek. You can now draw those round shapes where the dog's whiskers grow from.

5. Draw Scooby's lower jaw and the collar.

6. Draw Scooby's tongue and the name tag on the collar.

7. Now eraze the lines in the tongue and in the ring holding the name tag. Color the inside of the mouth in a dark color.


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