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How To Draw A Puppy

In this topic you will see the techniques and tips on how to easily and beautifully draw a Labrador puppy. This drawing lesson is suitable for beginners and students.

Firstly, start this difficult drawing with two very simple lines: one circle and one oval. The circle will be the dog's head, and an oval will be the body.

The muzzle will help us to find a position and scale. In this case, only three of the four paws will be visible.

How To Draw A Puppy - Common Form

The most important characteristics of the muzzle are long ears and the actual nose.

The expression of the dog’s face is crucial, so you should start with this. Define the sides of the head and height of the eyes and mouth, using a pair of lines. Use the pattern as a guide!

Now, take a little break. At this stage, outline the legs and add some fur to determine the line of the shoulder and abdomen.

Get rid of the deep lines (contours) and see how your puppy looks. Believe it or not, the difficult part of the drawing is finished. Now it is time for more detailed parts of our picture.

The End Of Drawing - Applying The Wool

The lines which represent the wool are always very important, so add the furry lines and the details which are necessary for you.

The thing is that you should add a little shade. Shadow areas help identify the puppy’s volumes. Do not put them in a random order, but use them accurately to determine the volume and stage lighting.

The Final Result

The finishing touch is to draw some shadow to give our puppy more volume. You did it!


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