How to draw a bunny

Hello everyone! It’s a Spring time and soon comes another international holiday know as Easter. If you love DIY decorations and you are into handmade and art, I’m going to show you tutorial on how to draw a bunny. It is lots of fun because you can learn how to draw and if you have kids or other little ones in your family, like your siblings or nephews, you all can learn together and have a good time! Hope you will enjoy it!

Step 1 – Bunny’s head
Draw an oval shape that narrows to the nose. Next draw him an eye, little nose and ears. Remember it’s important not to push on the pencil while drawing a sketch because you won’t be able to erase some parts while needed. Draw light lines.

Step 2 – Bunny’s body
Same as with the first step, with the light lines, draw an oval shape of your bunny’s body. You can try and copy the shape as its shown on the picture as well as you can play with the shape by yourself and pick the best option.

Step 3 – Bunny’s paws
Draw two front paws and one hind. In this case we are drawing only one hind paw because of the perspective we see our bunny in.

Step 4 – Bunny’s fur
Now when our bunny got its shape we need to give him some fur. Draw small curved lines around its head, ears, body and paws. Use a right direction of the lines on each part you are drawing to make bunny look realistic. Paint the eye in black. Now erase the lines that you don’t need anymore.

Step 5 – More fur!
As we know bunnies are very cute and fluffy so we are going to add more fur! This time, a little bit lighter, as on the picture. In fact, it’s all up to you whether how to play with fur lines :)  Draw whiskers.

Step 6 – finishing up

Add some lighten and darken lines around our bunny’s eye and nose.
Now take a look at your bunny and decide what you need to erase, add or change. Add or erase fur lines where needed, take a look at the size of the paws, ears and an eye. If everything is great, congratulations! You just draw a cute bunny!

Now you can use your new skill to draw even more bunnies. They will look good on postcards as well.

I hope you liked this tutorial! Thanks for being with me :)



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