How to decorate the jewel box

In this master class, I decorated an old jewel box. It takes a little bit of time, some materials, and the jewel box is ready! Buy any old jewel box, some materials, patience, creativity, and your handmade masterpiece is done! It is also fine to take the non-painted, wooden jewel box and decorate it yourself. Use your beautiful box to store all your prettiest things.


Wooden box;

A piece of the light fabric;

Minwax lacquer;

A simple pencil;

Special decoupage glue;


Minwax white paint - quality does not matter;

Rice paper (three-layer napkins as pictures for decoupage);

Cotton wheels;

Alcohol solution


Firstly you will need to degrease and to polish all parts of the box - inside and outside. Put some primer into a jewel box, so that the paint will lay more evenly. Wait until it dries, and stain everything with a paint of a darker color.

Now you have to paint the box in a white color.

When the paint dries up, we have to make some scuff marks. Rub some parts of the jewel box with  the sandpaper.

There were the general things to be done for a shabby chic technique. Now you have to customize the decor of a box according to your own taste. Take the pictures from the decoupage napkins (rice paper) and stick them on the jewel box.

Here I give a small tip how to make the effect of an old thing: Paint the pictures' edges with a white paint. This will give an effect like the picture was painted on a wooden surface.

Then you have to varnish the decorated surface. For better effect, you can also use a dry, hard brush.

If you wish, you can also decorate the inner side of a box with the velvet, or with lace. Make the glue gun line the inside of your box with your fabric.

Voila! Now you created an adorable jewel box. These kinds of things are very practical, and serve for a long time. You can also gift such jewel box your daughter.

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