Leather bracelet with our own hands

Leather bracelet is an original and outstanding detail, which refreshes the casual image. Stamped leather bracelets are always beyond the fashion, so it is a good idea to make the one.


Thick tanned leather (2.5 mm width)

Thin marker



Paint for leather


Laser engraver


For this master class you will need the a piece of thick tanned skin (for this MK was taken the leather of 2.5 mm width). The leather with these characteristics is very tough and it keeps the shape for a long time.

If you working with leather of a first time, then chose a simple pattern. Print the drawing on paper, cut to the leather and trace with a thin marker (or helium pen).

After the picture is filled and the size of bracelet is selected, then you have to cut the bracelet from the piece of leather.

If you are cutting something for the first time and with the conventional knife, it often happens that you spoil the certain areas. That is why you may use an ordinary sandpaper to smooth the uneven edges.

As soon as you cut off the edges, the bracelet will acquire a beautiful appearance, the edges will not bring the inconvenience to an owner. Now you have to cover the edges of a bracelet with wax. Wax will round the edges, and protect it from moisture.

We passed to the final stage. You have to take the hand-punch of 4 mm, and to punch the holes for

buttons (fasteners).

You may wish to paint the leather, so cover the bracelet with few layers of paint. Cover with one layer, then wait till it dries, and apply the second layer of paint. Avoid touching the pattern with paint. As soon as the paint dries, cover the whole bracelet with a special liquid wax. It has a function of the protective layer.

It is time to set the buttons. And your handmade leather bracelet is ready!

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